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Discipline/Send Offs

Suspensions are given to a player or team official for improper behavior during a game (Send-off).

  • A player will be sent-off after having been shown the red card and their pass will be retained by the referee.
  • A team official may also be expelled from a game and have their pass confiscated by the referee.

The length of the suspension is determined by the authority of the league or tournament in which the incident occurred. Generally, discipline penalties issued by CCSL reflect the minimums established by Cal North guidelines. In addition, if an individual has a recent history of behavioral problems, the District 1 Assistant Commissioner or the District 1 Disciplinary Committee may increase the length of a suspension or add other conditions that must be fulfilled before the pass is returned.

CCSL Coast and Bay Divisions:

If you are a player or coach that received a send off (red card) in a CCSL Coast or Bay Division match, click here to see a listing of all send offs given in CCSL Coast & Bay this season. The pass will be sent to the District 1 Assistant Commissioner and the team may arrange to get it back when the suspension has been served. Please allow 48 hours for the send off to be posted on the CCSL Coast website and 96 hours for the pass to be mailed to the District 1 Asssistant Cimmissioner.

Fighting: CYSA-Cal Soccer League (CCSL) rules specifiy that the penalty for a player fighting will be at least a 5 game suspension. The penalty for fighting is more severe for a credentialed adult team member!

District Procedures

The pass of the suspended player or coach will be held by the Assistant Commissioner until the suspension is served. To document the games that the suspended person sits out, The District Red Card Signoff form is used. The team manager for the person who was ejected from a game should:

  1. Click here to download the District 1 Red Card Signoff Form.
  2. Fill in all the blank fields of the form with the required information. The length of the suspension will be posted on the District 1 Suspension Log or on the website of the league in which your team plays (CCSL, etc).
  3. Take the form to league or tournament games, and have the referee or tournament official sign it to verify that the player or coach has sat out each game of the suspension.

When the required number of games of the suspension has been served, the Red Card Signoff Sheet should be returned to the District 1 Assistant Commissioner and the pass will be available for return. Contact the Assistant Commissioner to arrange to pickup the pass or have it mailed to you.

Cary Jones, District 1 Assistant Commissioner
36 Dunsmuir St, San Francisco, CA 94134
415-337-6630 phone


In the event the team is playing in a tournament or has multiple league games on one weekend, a team may contact the Assistant Commissioner to get a pass before the suspension has been fulfilled. This will allow the player to participate in subsequent games after completing the suspension. In this case, follow the same procedures indicated above, and forward the completed Red Card Signoff Sheet to the Assistant Commissioner within one week after the tournament. If for any reason the team does not provide the completed Red Card Signoff Sheet, the Assistant Commissioner will not extend this courtesy to the team again.

State, Association, President's Cup:

Penalties arising from play in Cal North Cups are normally served in Cal North Cups. The District 1 Disciplinary Policy addresses an exception in regard to U19 players.  Passes are mailed from the Cal North office to the District Commissioner, who then sends them to the Assistant Commissioner.

Cal North Cup games will be used to serve suspensions.   A suspended player or coach entering a Cal North Cup will serve the required number of games of suspension in the Cal North Cup competition before being allowed to play in the Cal North Cup.

The relevant Cal North rule is from PIM 08-3: PLAYER / TEAM OFFICIAL DISCIPLINE (SUSPENSION)

A player / team official serving a term of suspension for disciplinary reasons will serve that suspension in the next regularly scheduled Cal North Cup or US Youth Soccer competition(s), i.e. League, Cup, Tournament. This does not include friendly games or scrimmages. Any disciplinary action will carry over from seasonal year to seasonal year.

Lost Passes:

Passes do not always end up in the possession of the Assistant Commissioner in a timely fashion. They must pass through the hands of the referee, the league or tournament, and the postal system. This system sometimes results in unintended delays in handling the pass, an unfortunate consequence of a send off. If an ejection occurs in a tournament, the pass will be mailed to the District Commissioner, and then be forwarded to the Assistant Commissioner. If an ejection occurs in the CYSA-Cal Soccer League (CCSL), the pass will come directly to the Assistant Commissioner from the league. Sometimes passes are lost and can be replaced with the approval of the District Registrar.


revised 5.9.13