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Playing Leagues

CYSA-Cal Soccer League (CCSL)

All District 1 teams, Copper to Platinum, compete statewide.

Click here to visit the CCSL league website.

Click here to visit the website of the Bay and Coast Divisions of CCSL.

If you are a player or coach that received a send off (red card) in a CCSL Coast or Bay Division match, click here to see a listing of all send offs given in CCSL Coast & Bay this season. The pass will be sent to the District 1 Assistant Commissioner and will be returned to the team when the suspension has been served. Please allow 48 hours for the send off to be posted.

Next, view the District Procedures to get the pass back.

SF CCSL Prep League

This league plays in District 1and offers competition for division 3 boys and girls teams in the U10 through U12 age groups.

Click here to visit the SF Youth Soccer website.