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Use this form to document the serving of a suspension.

The incident form is used to report unsafe field conditions, any unusual incident, or submit a complaint to the CYSA District 1 Board.

Parents must use this form to register a child for ODP tryouts.

District 1 teams must use this form to notify the appropriate league and district staff of the team's intent to have non-league play with another CYSA team.  In order to have CYSA insurance coverage during what is also known as a "friendly game" the form must be submitted prior to the game.

Referees must use this form for a send off issued in District 1 league play.

Other CYSA forms

Use this form to report injuries to CYSA.

In order to maintain his or her eligibility, a youth player must have a properly completed form 1612 (Youth to Provisional Senior Player) approved and on file with CYSA prior to registering with the adult amateur organization and/or senior team.